Transcript Services
  • These documents are completely fake and are not intended to be used at a school or employment or anything official.
  • I do not have specific signatures.
  • All documents are printed in 8 1/2 x 11
  • I DO NOT do foreign Diplomas/Documents
  • All Transcripts are Pre-made with the accurate curriculum for each degree.
  • All Bachelor Transcripts are 8 semesters all Associate's Master & Doctorate are 4 to 5 semesters.
  • Custom Transcripts with your own personal classes are $200.00 That DOES NOT include a Diploma * For Custom Transcripts I will need ALL your classes in the following format ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS Message me with all your classes and info I will reply back with an offer. I do not accept Transcript images. SPRING 2015
    ENGL 1301Freshman Composition IA3.0
    MATH 2302College Algebra & ProbabilityB3.0
    ACCT 1302Intermediate Financial Accounting IA3.0
    PSYC 2300Intro to PsychologyA3.0
    ECON 3000Topics in EconomicsB4.0
    PLEASE NOTE I TYPICALLY SHUT DOWN IN THE EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS(UNLESS IT IS URGENT) FOR RUSH ORDERS ADD AN ADDITIONAL $25.00 + FOR NEXT DAY SHIPPING ADD AN ADDITIONAL $25.00(NEXT DAY SHIPPING IS NOT GUARANTEED) Please View the List at the bottom of the page for Transcript + Diploma Packages I am currently offering. If your degree is not on the List Contact me I will make it. I will need the following info.... Name for Documents School or University Name Degree / Major GPA, Grades or any other specific info you would like added I offer high quality novelty diplomas and transcripts. I pay close attention to all aspects of the diploma design, including accurate reproduction of fonts and color. My realistic looking diplomas are perfect for replacement of a damaged diploma, as an additional copy allowing you to safeguard your original diploma, or as a novelty item to showcase to colleagues and friends. All of my novelty diplomas can be ordered with or without a transcript. My novelty fake transcripts are available in High School, College or University formats and contain classes appropriate to the degree or course specified. The transcripts are printed on realistic transcript security paper including a security warning border, hidden messages and watermark, distinctive blue background and more. All of my diplomas are replicas of the actual University diploma and are printed on a high quality laser printer. I make the highest quality documents available on Ebay. Check my images and feedback and compare to the rest. The Single Transcript package is $102.60 and includes: * One novelty transcripts printed on 8-1/2 x 11 blue security paper with official seal * Stamped with “Issued to Student” I will need the following information: * Name of School (High School, Trade School, Career Center, College or University) * Your name or name to be printed on the document * Type of Degree (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.) * Major * Graduation month, day and year I can also send with University labeled envelope with transcript secure seal on envelope. If you have specific classes, courses, GPA, hours, etc., please either send them to me by Ebay Messaging System, Email me a Text document, or send www link. I do not accept images for transcripts classes. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the name of the school and major is agreed upon and created, you cannot change your mind for a different degree or transcript. The reason for this is because once people see the superior quality of the documents, they get excited and want to change to something different. I put a lot of time and effort into all of my documents. If I print your documents per your approval, that will be final. Any changes you request after printing will result in additional $25.00 cost. The reason for this is because I use all high quality, expensive material, not to mention the expensive hardware and my time and expertise used to create these amazing documents. Free shipping anywhere in the USA. I mail out documents USPS 1-3 day mail with tracking. I use no bend cardboard inserts to keep your documents safe and secure while shipping. Please keep in mind that these are novelty/fake items and will not be identical to the original document. My Diplomas and Transcripts are fictitious images of authentic documents that are as real as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. My Transcripts and Diplomas come complete with custom seals & logos. Please be aware my transcripts and Diplomas are novelty items and are not intended to defraud any person, agency or organization! (because these certificates will do the trick every time). I do not make birth certificates, social security cards, state IDs or passports or anything of that nature. Satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you for your business. AA General Studies AA-Sports Management associate AA Business Administration AA Health Care Management AA Nursing Business Entrepreneurship Human Resource Management Business Administration Human resources Business Admin (Global Logistics Management) Management with Associates of Arts Concentration Business Hospitality Management Construction Management Engineering Technology Accounting Economics Physics Strategic Management Minor Supply Chain Management General Management Health Care Management Construction Management Sports Management Associate Social Psychology Liberal Studies Chemical Engineering Applied Information Technology Kinesiology Public Health Administration Political Science Minor Commutations Education Elementary Education Public Health Care Biology Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology Sociology Minor Criminal Justice Computer Science History Minor Theology Psychology Criminal Justice Information Technology Organizational Leadership Electrical Engineering Communications Technology Molecular,Cellular and developmental Biology Health Science Mining Engineering Nutrition Structural Engineering Mechanical Engineering Kinesiology Information Technology Business Administration -Sports Business Bachelor of Engineering Computer Information Anthropology Finance Communication Studies Software Engineering Technology Master political Science international relations Master Construction Management Master Of Business Administration With A Concentration In Global Management Master Health Care Administration Master of Social Work Master Environmental and Urban Systems Master of Management Master of Human Services Master of Divinity Masters American Literature Master Operations and Supply Chain Management Master of Business Administration Human Resources PHD of Anthropology Master of Architecture Master Business Administration Master of Psychology Master Computer Science Master Criminal Justice Master of Business Administration - Finance Master of Aeronautical Engineering Master of Computer Science Software Engineering Master of Mental Health Counseling Masters of Aviation Technology Master of Mental Health Social Worker Master Social Work MBA Information Systems Juris Doctorate PHD Mechanical Engineering PHD PHD Kinesiology Phd Buddhist Studies Masters Aviation Technology